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SPPP1 +PW 8000

Ideal solution for autonomous power supply.

Whether there’s a natural disaster, living in remote areas, traveling with family, hosting a party on the ocean or in the woods, or simply needing to keep your appliances, food refrigerator, or medical devices running smoothly…

One solution for all your needs

The main advantages of this development are complete autonomy of operation. The power plant is equipped with the latest technologies, such as internal power generation and an advanced battery management system, which ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. The device has a wide range of output parameters, 2 AC sockets with a total power of 3 kW, 8 USB ports of three types (Type A, C, QC 3.0) with a total power of 40 W and the ability to simultaneously charge 8 devices. 2 ports (12V 10A sockets), for powering systems such as “Smart Home”, video surveillance, etc., 2 ports for alternative energy sources. What can make this unique and universal in any situation. SPPP-1+ Power Wall 8000 (8000W rechargeable battery) easily works with devices such as:

SPPP-1+ Power Wall 8000, and you never leave without power. Autonomous home energy system is easy to install and requires no maintenance, and is designed to be scalable and excess energy sold to the network.

You’ll receive one of the very first products in this line with free shipping worldwide. When our community will become huger we can improve our product and especially the price of product will be cheaper. Our company is different from what you are usually used to, since we are the first to accept payment for SPPP-1+ Power Wall 8000 not only in US dollars, but also in crypto currency. You can make a $100 deposit, which will give you 30% off the 2024.

SPPP-1+POWER WALL 8000 SET IS $8500.

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